Document generator and DocumentList

I have a form and a few PDF documents, which are generated by Eximee.
Is it possible to launch creation of the documents with just one trigger (a button in this case) ?

I need to create more than one document with one click and have the user download them from this form, from more than one DocumentList.

The DocumentList component allows you to download all files with one button via the allowDownloadingOfAllDocuments parameter - set to true (false by default) in the component source

Example implementation:

<p1:GesDocumentList id="GesDocumentList1" mid="GesDocumentList1" labelKey="GesDocumentList1.label" ariaLabelKey="GesDocumentList1.ariaLabel" ariaDescriptionKey="GesDocumentList1.ariaDescription" allowDownloadingOfAllDocuments="true'">

Example view on the form:

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