How can I get the filenames from attachments?

I want to check in the script validator if any filename is duplicated. How to get filenames from GesUploadFile?

You can do this in two ways:

  1. use context.getData("@GesUploadFile1", "fileNames") in your code - you need to specify component id

  2. use the technical field in your form (a textfield with property “Pole techniczne” in “Bezpieczeństwo” tab) and pass the data from GesUploadFile to “Źródło danych z innego pola” as in this example - GesUploadFile1$fileNames

Then you can use context.getFirstParameter("value") in your code and get data from technical field.

First solution is easier but you can’t use this script validator in form where GesUploadFile has different id.