How to reference value of component in label/textcontent?

I would like to refer to textfield and datepicker in label or textcontent, for example in sentence like: “Your birthdate is X”. How can I do this?

If you want to refer to GesTextField1 in label or textcontent, you need to use id of this component in curly brackets followed by $

Your address is ${GesTextField1}

Remember to add listening on this component.

In some cases reference looks different, for example this reference to datepicker returns timestamp:

Your birthdate is ${GesDatePicker1}

To get DD-MM-YYYY you need to use:

Your birthdate is ${GesDatePicker1$displayValue}

$displayValue is also necessary to get label of radiogroup or tilegroup:

Your answer is ${GesRadioGroup1$displayValue}
You chose ${GesTileGroup1$displayValue}

If you skip $displayValue, you’ll get value of the component (for example “true”), not its label (“Yes”).

When it comes to combobox, if you want to see label (“Poland”), not value (“PL”) you need to use:

Your country is ${GesCombobox1$label}