How to use checkbox and combobox in conditions?

How can I check if the checkbox is checked and if the comboobx has a given value?

The value of a checked and unchecked checkbox can be defined in the ‘Pozostałe’ tab. By default, the values ​​are true and false.


If you want to check if a checkbox is selected, simply compare its value to the value of the selected button.

getValue("GesCheckbox1") == "true"

To check if a combobox has a specific value, we need to refer to the id of the selected item.
For example, we have the following dictionary:

   "POL" : "Poland",
   "GER" : "Germany",
   "FRA" : "France"   

To check if the selected country is Poland, we need to check if the comboobx value is “POL”

getValue("GesCombobox1") == "POL"