Performing action right before saving a form

I have a manual task in my process, which is linked with an Eximee form.

Filling this form is time consuming, so users often use the “Save” function in order to save a partially filled form and then come back later and continue.

What I need is to perform a certain action when the form is being saved - I want to send a few values from this form to an API.

I already have the business logic that calls this API - but I don’t know how I can attach it to the form and have it called after the “Save” button has been clicked.

You should handle an event “Save action executed” on a form.

Handling such events will be possible in “FormScript API” - the feature that will be working on in the near future.

Also, please note the difference between “manual task” and “user task”. A manual task takes place outside of the process’ scope and the BPMS engine does not control it. A user task is part of a process and usually requires a form to be submitted to complete. For more reading see Camunda forum: User task vs manual task - Camunda Platform 7 Process Engine - Camunda Platform Forum.