How to plan form development (sections/pages/scenarios)?

Starting a new project what the best way to organize my work is? Should I develop the form in a page-by-page fashion? Or maybe it’s better to implement business scenarios first?

If you’re starting a new process or a form, you should try to deliver working business scenarios as often as possible. Instead of toiling on one page of a form, mastering all the nitty-gritty details and corner cases before moving to the next page, it’s better to focus on the whole process in a given business case.

Most of the forms cover many business scenarios or “paths”, e.g. “ordering a banking account with or without a credit card” or “setting up company account with or without co-owners”. The benefits of developing and testing a whole path include:

  • having a deliverable process sooner
  • having a better understanding of the process from the beginning to the end, which usually means fewer ugly surprises in the final stages of a project
  • being able to test the process as a whole from the get-go, because you deliver a complete data set after completing a path