How to pass two different values in one input parameter?

Is it possible to pass two different values to the service in one parameter, depending on the form launch channel?

If you want to pass two different values in one input parameter of the service, then after expanding “Wybierz komponent lub stałą” select the option “Wybierz wiele”.
However, if these values are not constant and, for example, depend on the form launch channel (desktop/mobile), then add the EchoService service twice with specific call condition:
and return value to two different variables (e.g. desktopValue and mobileValue). When you start your form, only one of these variables will get value from EchoService. Then, pass both of them to your service (using mentioned 'Wybierz wiele") - your service will take first value which isn’t null.

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Easier way requires using script service - you can create one (tabs Biblioteka → Skrypty) and return specific value to your variable (myVariable) depending on channel:

if (channel == "mobile") {
	myVariable = "value for mobile"
} else {
	myVariable = "value for desktop"

Then assign myVariable to the session variable on your form and pass it to your service.