I need to notify eximee form from external system

Now I have waitingComponent which check status every 5 sec.
It works, but it is not best practice.

I want to do nothing from backend Eximee (except: user do something or session expired) until I get notification from external app.

I found the answer

To create a new notification, use the following cURL, inserting the formInstanceNumber in the place of STKN

curl -v 'http://lan.test.eximee.consdata.local:8080/eximee-notification/notification' \
 -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
 --data-binary $'{\n"key": "STKN"\n}' \
 --compressed \
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If you’d like to dig deeper I’d recommend checking the documentation: Przyjęcie komunikatu z systemu zewnętrznego

The documentation includes examples of how you can notify a waiting process and how you can check if your process instance has a message:

GET /eximee-notification/notification?key=unique_id
host: eximee-lan:8080

Also, there is information on exemplary service and how you can use it on a form.

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