How to read process variables from outside of Eximee

I have an Eximee process and a second application which needs to read some data from the process every a fixed amount of time.

This data is for example the current business status of the process, which technically is a process variable updated as the process goes on.

I know that Eximee can call an external API and perhaps notify it when this status changes, but in this scenario I want the other application to initiate the call and retrieve the data from Eximee.

What is the best way to read such data from Eximee? Is there an API that the remote application can call?

The best way to have up-to-date data is to listen to events emitted by process and storing it in your application.

Key benefits of such approach:

  • you can store a minimal set of data you need
  • you can optimize the way you store data for your needs (e.g. DB, Queue, file)
  • you don’t stress Eximee with every query (this gets more and more important when you process more cases)

Thank you! Does that mean that I should call Camunda’s REST API and read the process data?