What's new - release Eximee 1Q2023

  1. Low-Code Developer can model processes in Eximee Applications using BPMN notation:
  • Creating and editing processes and sub-processes
  • Automatic migration of process instances to the latest process version
  • BPMN model validation
  • Integration with Eximee forms
  1. Eximee Application is a new way to develop with the Eximee platform. Applications, forms, processes, scripts, dictionaries, these are all components of the Application.
  • consistent view of the Application
    • all Eximee Application components in one workspace
    • a convenient and quick way to reach the artifacts
  • exported Application contains a full set of artifacts
    • one button generates a version of the application ready to be deployed to the environment
    • all applications, processes, forms are automatically included
  • version tags
  1. EximeeStats
  • Sales funnel
  • Process conversion
  1. Process history
  • logging of system and business events
    • API for saving business events
  • history visualization in Eximee Dashboard
  1. Eximee Console Improvements
  • Immediate publication of form changes. Reduction of the waiting time from 2 minutes to 3 seconds
  • Link from PageView to ScriptCode editor