How can I import artifact using curl to Eximee Console

I need to import artifact with curl to Eximee Console. How can I do that?
Artifact contains application, if that makes difference.

To import an artifact into eximee as you wrote you need to use curl.
To do this, you need to run a terminal in the folder where the artifact is located and run the following command:

 curl --user USER --form "exportArtifact=@FILE.artifact" --form "description=DESCRIPTION" -X POST http(s)://SERVER:PORT/repository/migration/import -o REPORT.xml && echo "OK"


  • USER - user login with permission to import artifacts
  • FILE - the name of the artifact to be imported
  • DESCRIPTION - business description of the migration, presented in the migration history (optional parameter, empty by default)
  • SERVER - host address with the repository application
  • PORT - host port with repository application
  • REPORT - the name of the artifact import report file

Example command:

curl --user eximee --form "exportArtifact=@wm_test.artifact" --form "description=Migration 001" -X POST http://eximee-repository:8080/repository/migration/import -o importReport.xml && echo "OK"