Import / export dictionaries to *.csv

There was an import/export of dictionaries in GES. If you created a dictionary with a large number of records, you could import csv.

How to deal with the console now?

Export dictionary to csv

Go to Biblioteka tab → Słowniki find the dictionary you want to export and click on the 3 dots on the right. And select Eksportuj do csv option.


Import dictionary from csv

Import is possible on an existing artifact in edit mode. In case we want our data to appear in a new dictionary, we must first create it

Clicking the Import z csv button will open a popup where adding a csv file is possible after clicking in the Wybierz lub przeciągnij plik csv do importu or after dragging the correct file to it.

After selecting the file and clicking the Import button, the data import will start. If the data in the csv file is incorrect or the import is impossible due to another error, an appropriate error message will appear at the bottom of the window. After importing the data, the dictionary must be saved.

Basic import rules:

  • only CSV files can be imported
  • file separator must be ‘,’ (comma)
  • the CSV file must have a first header row that specifies the column names
    • the ‘key’ column must be first
    • columns specify languages, e.g. key,pl,en
  • keys and languages ​​must be unique
  • the import operation completely overwrites the content of the dictionary
    • pre-existing keys and languages ​​will be deleted

Possible errors:

  • invalid CSV structure
  • the first header line is missing
  • the ‘key’ column will not be first
  • duplicate keys
  • duplicate languages

In such cases we will get an error message: